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Sphero’s latest robot joins forces with the Marvel Universe to present the app-enabled, voice interactive Spider-Man Super Hero. Interactive, immersive and intellectual, the new Spider-Man robot will let you adventure together on unique missions. Seek out the bad guys, fight villains, enjoy snarkey banter and let him wake you up, guard your room from snooping family members and simply hang out. With 25 missions, 20 stories, 100 jokes and 15 games, Spider-Man listens and adapts to your unique personality. His Spider-sense ensures he always knows what’s going on and will be sure to let you know. iOs and Android compatible, Spider-Man has a premium silicone finish and features Bluetooth Smart BLE connection. With expressive LCD eyes, microphone, speaker and 3D accelerometer, the robot comes with a charging base and Micro USB cable and can play for 2 hours on a full charge. Download the free app: Sphero Spider-Man App-Enabled Superhero available through iTunes or Google Play Store. With regular app updates and automatic firmware updates, Spider-Man will amaze you with his advanced tech and limitless activities. Features: Sphero Spider-Man App-Enabled Superhero Connects to Bluetooth device Interactive, voice activated, intuitive robot Activities: 25 missions, 20 stories, 100 jokes and 15 games Powered by USB: 2 hour play time on a full charge Microphone, speaker and 3D accelerometer LCD expressive eyes Premium silicone finish Regular app updates Includes: Charging base, Micro USB charging cable, quick start guide, legal guide Size: Dimensions: H: 21.5cm x W: 14.5cm Weight: 680g

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