Official Brown Paper Bag – Insulated Lunch Bag


The Brown Paper Bag takes its design inspiration from the American tradition of taking your packed lunch to school or work in a brown paper bag. Made from leak resistant, tear-proof, durable and insulating material called tyvek. Unlike a traditional paper bag, it won’t split when it gets wet so you won’t have to cope with that dreaded moment when your lunch falls out the bottom. Complete with a strong double magnet on the opening, when your lunch is inside the bag you can fold and roll to keep it secure. The Brown Paper Bag is insulated to keep in heat or will keep your drink or salad chilled, it can even be personalised if you’d like to write your name or draw doodles on it. – A.D. Features: Insulated lunch bag Looks just like a brown paper bag Made from tyvek, a highly durable material Personalise it with doodles

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